Two white tops


Two white tops | Fake Leather blog

Two white tops | Fake Leather blog

Two white tops | Fake Leather blog

Two white tops | Fake Leather blog

Two white tops | Fake Leather blog

I’M WEARING/ESTOY USANDO: Sheinside cut-out jersey crop top, Sheinside oversized white shirt worn as a skirt, Ivanka Trump silver sandals, Proenza Schouler PS11 classic, Priceless necklace, Windsor cage cuff

After I received a skirt with attached sleeves that I showed you a week ago I wondered if I could achieve the same effect with an actual shirt, I spent a whole afternoon trying with the several white shirts I have on my closet (because they’re one of my favorite basics) until I hit the jackpot with an oversized white shirt that could have been from my boyfriend. The key for the shirt/skirt transformation is to find one that fits your bigger area the best, in my case, the hips.

This could be an excellent option if you’re out of clean clothes and the only thing you have left are those boring labor shirts, despite this total white outfit is quite sexy because it shows some skin, I think this could also work perfectly with a silk blouse in a contrasting color. However, my friend insist that this is a very intelligent outfit for the walk of shame after a crazy night out if you lost your bottom garment, very unlikely but not impossible.

So, take your everyday shirts and make something different out of them, and have a happy and super fun Friday!


Después de recibir una falda con mangas amarradas que les mostré hace una semana me pregunté si podría lograr el mismo efecto con una camisa real, pasé toda una tarde probando con el surtido de camisas blancas que tengo en el armario (porque son de mis básicos favoritos) hasta dar en el tino con una camisa blanca oversized que bien podría ser de mi novio. La clave para la transformación camisa/falda es encontrar una que quede bien en tu área más grande, en mi caso, las caderas.

Puede ser una excelente opción si te quedaste sin ropa limpia y lo único que tienes son esas camisas laborales y aburridas, si bien el atuendo totalmente blanco es bastante sexy por mostrar el abdomen y los hombros, creo que también podría ser usado de forma muy elegante con una camisa de seda que le haga contraste. Aunque mi amiga insiste en que este es el atuendo perfecto para el ‘walk of shame‘ después de una noche loca en donde perdiste tu prenda inferior, es muy poco probable pero nunca imposible.

Así que anímense y hagan algo diferente de sus camisas de siempre, ¡tengan un feliz y divertido viernes! 

Two white tops | Fake Leather blog

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  1. You’re always so cute.
    Love this outfit.

  2. Beautiful pictures and you’re really pretty.

  3. You look super amazing, love your style !

  4. Love your outfit, you look great :)

  5. Alena Reply

    How funny you styled the shirt as a skirt, didn’t realise it at first sight!
    Kiss, Alena | meet me stylish

  6. amazing all white outfit, love your style! <3

  7. Interesante, creativo y se ve padrisimo, me encanta el detalle de los hombros! :)

  8. eclética and chic Reply

    This is so stylish, creative and chic! You have an amazing style and your blog is one of my favourites! :)

  9. Amazing outfit! Love the sporty chic inspired look!

    The Fashion Cuisine

  10. Que bonita blusa, me encanta!
    new look on my blog!

  11. What an interesting recycling idea. Btw I like the thoughts of your friend: walk of shame + loss of under garments, what a hilarious combination. (y)

  12. claps , claps! great stylist! <3

  13. This is so cool, I never thought of doing that.
    Your friend is totally right, it’s also perfect when you don’t want to get caught wearing the same thing as the night before.

    xx Cheyenne

  14. Oh, I love how you came up with this idea! The white on white getup looks gorgeous on you! <3

  15. So creative and it looks very good on you! :)