Vintage nail tutorial

I’ve been wearing this nail style for a few weeks now, and I’m totally in love with it! it gives a very elegant and simple, yet interesting enough look. I saw it on a friend a few years ago, but later I saw it on a few bloggers and knew I had to try it. It’s very easy to do!
I tried it on long and short nails, and both look really good :)

You’ll need: base color (mine is gold), a darker color (I choose esmerald green), clear top coat, circle stickers which you can get on any school supplies store and scissors.
First, paint a coat of the lighter color. Depending on your nail polish it may require two.
Cut your circles in half.
Place them on your nails when the first color dries completely. Make a lot of preassure, especially on the sides of your nails. If you want the original vintage look you can cover a smaller section, but I like more the 1/3 look.
Paint the second color, make sure you don’t forget any corner otherwise the arch will look deformed.
After the second color is dry you can remove the circle stickers. If you missed any spot you can fix it by hand later.
I’m very messy and I always paint my fingers when I do my nails, you can take two options after this: because the stickers will surely leave some glue residue, you can wash your hands with warm water and remove both the glue and the excess nail-polish; the second option is to use a cotton swab with nail-polish remover and clean the excess. After that, you may finish with a clear top coat for an extra shine and long lasting :)
You can also skip the first color and just use one.
  Enjoy it!

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  1. yes, i already know this from the cherry blossom girl. but i never find that stickers! this is such a pitty!

  2. ai se ve padrisimo, me gustaron los colores que combinaste!

  3. Pues yo lo he intentado mil veces ya, pero el sticker me levanta la capa inferior del esmalte… DD:

  4. love it a lot it looks so amazing!

  5. i’m really bad at painting my nails! u did a fabulous job! very chic & elegant!


  6. Thank you for this!! I definitely want to try this out. Gorgeous colors, by the way :)

    <3 from San Francisco

    Petite Avenue

  7. Loving your blog I just followed it :) and thanks for sharing I always wondered how you do this kind of manicure :)

  8. Half moon style! Love it, very Dita Von Teese!

    Thanks for the comment
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  9. gracias! muchas veces veía este tipo de uñas pero soy nula para estas cosas!:)

  10. I would love to try this out one time, it’s looks great!

  11. Beautiful colours, I’ll try this soon!

  12. such a nice DIY! thanks for sharing :)


  13. love!

  14. great idea! i haven’t used those 3 hole stickers in a long long time :P

  15. Awesome! I’ll be trying this with another two colors though :)

    Velvet Codeine

  16. Can’t wait to try this..

  17. Great DIY :) I love the colors you chose for this

  18. I love this!
    They look awesome! xx

  19. Love it – I’ll be trying this!x