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  1. yes, i already know this from the cherry blossom girl. but i never find that stickers! this is such a pitty!

  2. ai se ve padrisimo, me gustaron los colores que combinaste!

  3. Pues yo lo he intentado mil veces ya, pero el sticker me levanta la capa inferior del esmalte… DD:

  4. love it a lot it looks so amazing!


  5. i’m really bad at painting my nails! u did a fabulous job! very chic & elegant!


  6. Thank you for this!! I definitely want to try this out. Gorgeous colors, by the way :)

    <3 from San Francisco

    Petite Avenue

  7. Loving your blog I just followed it :) and thanks for sharing I always wondered how you do this kind of manicure :)

  8. Half moon style! Love it, very Dita Von Teese!

    Thanks for the comment
    New post: First designs of 2012

  9. gracias! muchas veces veía este tipo de uñas pero soy nula para estas cosas!:)

  10. I would love to try this out one time, it’s looks great!

  11. Beautiful colours, I’ll try this soon!

  12. such a nice DIY! thanks for sharing :)


  13. love!


  14. great idea! i haven’t used those 3 hole stickers in a long long time :P

  15. Awesome! I’ll be trying this with another two colors though :)

    Velvet Codeine

  16. Can’t wait to try this..

  17. Great DIY :) I love the colors you chose for this

  18. I love this!
    They look awesome! xx

  19. Love it – I’ll be trying this!x