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  1. On the second picture you look like a child! Nawww! :) Such a cutie! And I am so lookinf for knee high socks. I think they are pretty and warm accessorie to wear in winter.

  2. Estas fotos me hicieron sonreir :D Mexico <3 aww las montanas, el sol, lo extrano… tambien me imagine los albaniles chifle y chifle (mamasita!) jajaja ya vez como son :/

  3. you look so stunning ! Have fun !


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  4. You’ve got very nice bag and i like your skirt :)


  5. Me encanta la falda y las calcetas donde las compraste me encanta el color
    Soy nueva admiradora de tu blog

  6. Gorgeous. Love your blog.

    Check out my blog if you’ve got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.

  7. I totally fell in love with the colors!! & of course I LOVED your socks!!<3

  8. Adore the mix of knits!

    Belated happy new year!
    New post Camel meets fox

  9. Gorgeous bag!

    I like it !


  10. Me encantan todas esas texturas abrigaditas, pero la falda es mi favorita, es genial! <3

  11. Lovely photo esp. love the hills in the background. Your sunglasses def. hit the frame of your face. Def. love the knit on knit look you got going on


  12. gorgeous!! do u ever have bad hair day? your hair always look perfect!


  13. I also loveeeeeee big bang theory and 2 broke girls (but hasn’t finished it yet). I mean, I watch a lot of series! lol

  14. Bella, I love this outfit!!!!

    Kisses from leinnerworkings

  15. te miras muy bien con lentes de sol :)
    siempre que uso calcetas por arriba de la rodilla, me acuerdo de ti <3