What I love to eat: Balsamic vinegar tuna salad


I returned to my classes this monday, I also got really sick yesterday and I haven’t been able to take pictures or do something for my blog. So I thought I could make a recipe that I love and wanted to share!

You need:
-A can of tuna in water.
-Lettuce (any kind is okay, your favorite)
-1 Celery
-About 4-5 mushrooms
-1 tomato
-Balsamic Vinegar
-Low calorie cracker
-5 minutes of your time :)

Wash the spinach, lettuce, celery, tomato and the mushrooms. Cut the spinach and lettuce with your hands into small pieces, cut the celery into small and thin sticks, and the tomato the way you wish (small portions that fit into your mouth are better of course!). Slice the mushrooms and add everything in a plate. Open your tuna and remove the water, pour it on top of your salad. Break some low calorie crackers and add them along with balsamic vinegar, a little bit of pepper and salt.

And that’s it! this is one of my favorite salads, doing the math this dish is 200-250 calories (depending on your crackers and how low in calorie they are). This salad is full of good stuff that your body needs, you have about 4 portions of your vegetables, protein, omega-3 oils, some carbs and many antioxidants from the mushrooms (which are also very, very low in calories) and it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to make :)

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  1. Genial para una cena rápida, me sirve estos meses que tengo tan poco tiempo. Yummy! :)

  2. I LOVEEEE tuna salad, but not mushrooms so Nicoise salad’s more my thing.

    Thanks for the comment ;)

  3. El vinagre balsamico lo compras en cualquier tienda :D

  4. (soy panesito, en la compu de una amiga haha -_-)

  5. Que buena receta, tan sencilla, practica y tiene muy buena pinta! Ya se que voy a comer maniana :) aunque donde consigues el vinagre balsamico?

  6. Ai! que buena pinta :-D justamente ahora que me mas de ‘ensalada’ !! ya lo probaré en casa ^__^