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  1. Lily Flor Reply

    I remember when I heard the news! Is funny how you do connect places with the people you know right away, and even though I simply know you thru your blog and instagram account, you are the only person I know that lives in Barcelona so my mind went directly to think and hope that you were safe. So I went to check your instagram and saw your message saying that you were ok. I was sincerely happy to learn that and I hoped that God would give strength to the people affected. I think that although recently we have experienced a lot of displays of hate around the world, that the love and compassion towards one another is definitely stronger! That we as a race will one day be more tolerant of united. Keep your held up high! Adversity will just make us stronger.

    • Hi Lily, thank you for your message and for checking if I was safe. I was very lucky! We’re more good people than bad in the world, and that will definitely win over hate and racism. Thanks for your words babe <3

  2. This post! I am glad that you are safe and strong ! I can’t imagine that, to be on that place.
    Beautiful outfit of course.
    xoxo Tamasté.

  3. Qué belleza de post, Adriana. Habría que poner en practica lo que dices, más respeto y tolerancia, con la cabeza bien alta y siempre con mucho amor.
    Un abrazo, bella.

  4. I’m glad you did not happen and you’re safe. I also seek dialogue and respect in dealing with people, is different, not everyone must be our friend, but must not resort to violence. It is said that Poles are racists, it is not true. We need more time to trust, but then such friendship will survive the biggest storms.

    • Thank you so much, Ela. We definitely have seen better days, but what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, and we’re an ever stronger Barcelona now :) xx

  5. juciano Reply

    Yo estaba en mi piso cuando todo se pasó. Fue muy triste y terrible y casi hizo encerrar la gran fiesta de Grácia, donde vivo. Pelo el pueblo fue más fuerte y el grito de “no tengo miedo” ha tomado conta de Barcelona, esta ciudad maravillosa! Quedo gratificado por tús reflexiones y por los imágenes.

    • Hola Juciano, sí, escuché que al menos por dos días parte de las fiestas de Gracia se cancelaron :( me dio mucha pena porque yo había ido un día antes de los atentados y la verdad es que este año la gente se esforzó mucho en las fiestas, algunas demostraciones eran espectaculares. Justo regresé el último día de las fiestas y vi escrito en una pared “NO TINC POR” y no sabes cuánto gusto me dio :’)


  6. Oh my God, just the thought of you being near Las Ramblas when it happened -! I am so so glad you’re safe, Adriana.

    I continue to grieve for the victims, especially their families and friends. Tragedies that happen around the world are always devastating, but it’s somehow more personal when you’ve been to that city, when you’ve walked the streets yourself, when you remember falling in love with the city.
    I cannot imagine how much worse it would be for people who call that city home. It’s truly saddening.

    But tragedies have this way of showing the real strength of humanity. To see people banding together in the name of love. This is such a beautiful and strong message you’re sending out, Adriana. I hope Barcelona and its people are healing beautifully.

    Loads of love xxoo

    • Hello Liyana, I wanna thank you for your messages on both Instagram and here. I still think I was super lucky, I wanted to stop for that ice cream, I was walking by the busy street of Las Ramblas and thinking “yeah, it’s pretty crowded, I mean it’s summer, but it’s also so beautiful and cultural diverse, I love this city”. I never thought something like that could happen. I’m just so sorry for the victims, ’cause hate is such a stupid reason for someone to die. It’s not fair.

      However, the city has demonstrated how strong and united we are. Las Ramblas has seen better days, for sure, but as I write this down, it’s still busy with families, kids and people searching for a better life, and that’s Barcelona for me.

      Thanks a bunch for your warm words, they really mean a lot to me :) xx

  7. Great message, and great look <3

    Haute Sauce

  8. Thank you for this post, Adriana. Your words are so true and I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad you’re safe ❤️

  9. Un post precioso, Adriana. Me alegré de ver tu vídeo en Instagram diciendo que estabas bien. Son momentos tristes, pero no debemos dejar que nos hundan. Un saludo y mucha fuerza!

  10. Beautiful post, Adriana, thank you for writing this, I agree with every single word you wrote.
    PS: So happy to hear you’re safe. Right after the attack I checked your stories if you were ok.. Stay strong <3

  11. John Reply

    Glad your safe Adriana .

  12. What a powerful post, thank you for sharing!

  13. La Bijoux Bella | by mia Reply

    Love ❤️ the casual chic look! Simply pretty! :)

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  14. Karla Reply

    Que post tan más lindo!
    Me alegra que estés bien y que hayas tomado la decisión de no quedarte.
    Te mando un gran beso!

  15. Very well written as usual.
    I am glad to hear you are well, sometimes those little voices in our head that tell us to do something different to what we are currently doing are like angels. Hate can never win. Hugs.

  16. Qué lindo post, Adriana. Han sido unos días tristes y grises, honestamente he andado con la cabeza un poco baja por tanto dolor en mi casa adoptiva. Por ahora nos queda seguir paseando con la frente en alto como mencionas y practicar en exceso el respeto y la tolerancia.

    Te mando un abrazo y este tipo de crímenes nunca podrán acabar con la grandeza de Barcelona o de México.

    • Hola Pablo, cada vez que me acuerdo me da una tristeza enorme, pero siempre recuerdo algo que me dijo una chica por un privado de Instagram: “los buenos somos más!” y tiene muchísima razón <3 nuestras dos casas se mantendrán fuertes, ya verás ;)

  17. couldn’t agree more with your post. Thank you for sharing