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in this look –
Na-kd leopard coat, Na-kd navy blazer, Na-kd eyelet jeans, PROF velvet boots, Saint Laurent Paris Betty bag, Zara necktie, Lavish Alice earrings.

Some people believe you shouldn’t mix fun with work, that main courses can’t be mixed up with an starter (’cause it’s bad for digestion) and that a rigid structure of our daily hours is the key to a efficient and harmonious life. Well, how boring would that be.


Hay gente que opina que no debes mezclar el trabajo con la diversión, que el plato principal no se puede mezclar con un entrante (porque cae mal al estómago) o que una estructuración rígida de nuestras horas del día es la clave para una vida armoniosa y eficiente. Bueno, pues qué aburridos. 

this photo – Lavish Alice earrings. right – PROF velvet boots.


in this look –
Na-kd grey jumper, Henry London watch, Na-kd silky trousers, French Sole slippers, Lulus polka dot necktie.



Most probably as you started your first job, whether is was as an unpaid intern or making coffee for clients who can’t tell the difference between a latte and a cappuccino (ugh, I really disliked them), you started to mentally separate your clothes with labels: this side of the closet is for work, and the other side is for fun. Whether is true that no one, not even me, would suggest you to go into an office with a mini skirt or a cleavage that shows what nature gifted you (or not, like me), there are many ways to exploit the same garment, in this case, a set by NA-KD which, combined with the suitable accessories, can transgress the barriers of work hours and give your garments the utility they deserve.


Seguro que cuando iniciaste tu primer trabajo, ya sea como practicante sin goce de sueldo o haciendo café para clientes que no conocen la diferencia entre un latte y un cappuccino (agh, de verdad me caían mal), comenzaste a separar tu ropa por etiquetas mentales: la de este lado del armario es para trabajar, y la del otro es para diversión. Si bien es verdad que nadie, ni siquiera yo, te aconsejará ir a la oficina en una mini falda o el escote que revele lo que la naturaleza te dio (o no, como a mí), hay muchas maneras de explotar la misma prenda, en este caso, un set de NA-KD que, combinado con los accesorios adecuados, puede traspasar las barreras de las horas y darle a tus prendas la utilidad que se merecen.


in this look –
Na-kd navy blazer, Senso sneakers, Na-kd silky trousers, Purificación García Tangram bag, Na-kd round earrings

So, I recommend you to go into NA-KD and use code fakeleather20 to receive a 20% off on your entire purchase and, at the same time, execute a mental and physical exercise: don’t separate your clothes by time or occasions. You never know what can you achieve when combining your grandma’s sweater with the hottest pants ever.


Por eso, les recomiendo visitar NA-KD y usar el código de descuento fakeleather20 para recibir 20% de descuento y, al mismo tiempo, realizar un ejercicio físico y mental con su ropa: no la separen por horas, ni por ocasiones. Una nunca sabe qué maravillas pueden pasar cuando combinas el suéter de tu abuela con los pantalones más atrevidos.

Wearing: Na-kd leopard coat, Na-kd navy blazer, Na-kd eyelet jeans, PROF velvet boots, Saint Laurent Paris Betty bag, Zara necktie, Lavish Alice earrings, Na-kd grey jumper, Henry London watch, French Sole slippers, Lulus polka dot necktie, Senso sneakers, Purificación García Tangram bag, Na-kd round earrings.

This post is NOT sponsored by Na-kd,
but product was sent to me for styling purposes. 

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  1. Yess obsessed with this post babe!! In absolutely awe with your outfit!! I’ve recently been living in suits and I totally agree, I’ve been mixing my separated clothing more and more recently!! Loved this and thanks for sharing!x

    Millie x

  2. Great article, I agree that we can use more clothes than we think. Very inspiring outfits. Outfit with grey jumper is perfect for my work ( thanks for the new idea).
    You are looking beautiful on this wonderful pictures.

  3. Los pendientes (todos) que llevas en este post me encantan!! Tienes razón, si separamos la ropa nos será más difícil encontrar combinaciones que nunca habríamos imaginado. A veces para trabajar tengo que llevar una ropa muy específica que no me pondría en la calle. Pero en otras ocasiones que puedo ir vestida “normal” lo ideal es encontrar el equilibrio entre comodidad y estilo. Me han gustado mucho los outfits, todos con un toque de distinción, y con aires casual. Un saludo!!

  4. You look so beautiful. And I agree with everything you said in this article. It’s all about proper styling. For example, some of my friends are adamant on not wearing any shiny or shimmery pieces during daytime because “that’s only for nighttime”, but I think if you can style it properly, you could rock it any time of day (and for any occasion)! ^^

    • Hey Dilek, I’m also very into wearing lamé, satin or any “fancy” fabrics on daytime :D. Anything can work with the proper styling! xx

  5. Madreeeeeeeee, como me gustan tus post! Te lo dije aquel día comiendo y te lo vuelvo a repetir, eres inspiración pura Adriana!
    Ya me he pasado por la web, ójala y hagan envíos a Helsinki!
    Un beso mi bella Adriana!

  6. Totally agree.
    I wear stuff on weekends that I also sport to work. It’s all in your mind.

  7. I’m ugh-ing enviously right now looking at everything you’re wearing in this post because I sincerely want each and every one of them! Being able to afford any of them is another story though, so I’ll (reluctantly and sadly) let it go.

    I constantly wish my parents had kept some of their old clothes, or their parents’ clothes, because I wouldn’t mind looting around for a gem that I could wear now! Wearing an old sweater of theirs combined with any of my ripped jeans and sneakers sounds so appealing to me right now…

    XO, Liyana
    | Affordorable

    • Hi Liyana, I also wish my mom had keep some of her best pieces, but she’s very into “letting things go” (I’m the same, tho!) and sadly she only has jewelry. I totally get your point! Fashion is expensive and that’s why I believe it’s so important to give multiple uses to our clothes :) xx

  8. I love the outfits created here, especially the leaporad coat! <3

  9. Your photography is absolutely stunning and I adore your styling. It is lovely checking out your blog after following you on ig. Seeing the photos on a big computer screen is completely different!

    Also love your advice of not separating your wardrobe. It can be a challenge, but that makes fashion fun.

    Adrianna xx

    • Hey, Adrianna. Thank you so much for both your comments and making the effort to see the photos as they should, as a graphic designer I truly appreciate it :)

      Happy Friday! xx